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UKAR warns 20,000 customers could struggle when interest rates rise

1 hour 20 min ago
UK Asset Resolution has already begun to contact customers who are likely to fall back with their mortgage payments once interest rates rise next year.

Nationwide launches FlexOne current account for children and a 3.5% regular saver

1 hour 21 min ago
In a bid to make children confident with their account, Nationwide has set up a @YourFlexOne Twitter handle which will be run 24 hours a day for troubleshooting, alongside its mobile app. 

FTSE LIVE: US Fed stops printing money as jobs market recovers

1 hour 31 min ago
European markets have plunged into the red after the Federal Reserve wound up its massive stimulus scheme yesterday.

Drivers pay up to 10p a litre more to fill up car on motorways, says RAC

2 hours 8 min ago
Thousands of drivers risk running out of fuel because they refuse to cough up for the higher prices, the RAC warned.

Pound Sterling drops below $1.60 as Federal Reserve calls halt to QE

2 hours 26 min ago
Stocks in London fell as the Fed expressed confidence in the American recovery, which is likely to bring the first US rate rise closer.

Newcastle house that went on the market for £1 sells for more than £19k

2 hours 28 min ago
A dilapidated three bedroom home in Newcastle, with boarded up windows, broken floorboards and trails of debris has sold for £19,000 after being listed for auction for just £1.

What next for mortgage rates?

3 hours 48 min ago
Homeowners have a golden opportunity for a second crack at some very cheap mortgages. So should you fix? We look at why rates are falling and the best deals.

Stock market float on cards for Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks

3 hours 58 min ago
National Australia Bank has seen its UK banks rack up hefty losses through property loans turned sour, and also got landed with a large PPI compensation bill.

People who don't splash the cash found to be more likely to suffer stress and anxiety 

4 hours 11 min ago
Behaviour experts looked into the physiological reactions of participants in a financial bargaining game and found that those receiving relatively low offers experienced stress.

Barclays sets aside £500m for currency rigging fines and £170m for PPI compensation claims

4 hours 21 min ago
Forex markets are being probed by regulators around the world – today Barclays became the first British bank to set aside cash for fines.

House prices on the rise again after September slowdown, says Nationwide

4 hours 30 min ago
The average house price rose to £189,333, a 0.5% increase on September, when they fell by 0.1% compared to August, the latest monthly index from Nationwide Building Society shows.

Charge for the NHS and delay retirement age says Institute of Economic Affairs

4 hours 43 min ago
The Government must take urgent and radical action to reduce debt if it is to defuse a fiscal time bomb, the Institute of Economic Affairs said.

How come the direct debit for my energy is going up when my tariff is fixed?

4 hours 46 min ago
I have just got my new bill and my provider npower wants to put up my monthly payments by £46 - despite me being on a fixed tariff until next April.

BBC Watchdog reveals how car thieves use hi-tech scanners to steal luxury cars

4 hours 51 min ago
The secret of how criminals are using easy-to-buy electronic scanners to steal some of Britain’s most popular executive cars is to be revealed.

How will you pay off your house? At least one in 10 will use their pension

4 hours 53 min ago
Some 58 per cent of people expect to settle their mortgage by simply sticking to their monthly repayment plan, a survey has found.

TONY HETHERINGTON: Be Streetwise and avoid this money-making idea!

4 hours 53 min ago
I have been sent an offer from Streetwise Publications about bank codes that can make you £600 in five minutes. It is one of the craziest mailshots I have received.

Orange sent me an £8,000 bill for using my phone abroad but I'm sure I set a data cap for £200

5 hours 1 min ago
I was shocked to receive a bill for £7,000 - and then a letter from a debt collecting firm asking for £8,132.50. My bills keep rising and I cannot afford to pay.

MARKET REPORT: Capita slumps as it misses out on probabation contracts

5 hours 21 min ago
Capita lived up to its City nickname of ‘Crapita’ as shares slumped 75p or 6 per cent to 1082p on hearing it had lost out completely on Ministry of Justice contracts worth £450million.

Fiat Chrysler to spin off luxury supercar brand Ferarri

5 hours 48 min ago
Anyone who has ever wanted a Ferrari but never been able or willing to stump up for one will be able to get a piece of the car maker when it floats next year.

Branson: 'I'd be worried about us leaving the EU and becoming Little England'

6 hours 2 min ago
The UK’s most famous entrepreneur says too much of the debate about leaving Europe is ‘petty’ and says politicians and people are missing the ‘bigger picture’.